Just a Thankyou

3:42 AM

It's June..! My birthday month :D

Cheese Cake..! They know me well Haha..
Cake is from both Imin besar dan Imin kecil, my heart stealer.
Belahan hatiku, segenap nafas gue.. Apalah.. Lolol..!
But really, I love you my boys. Words can't describe how much I really really love you both.

Enw, my birthday was on 9 June but well.. I was sick -_-
Gue kena gejala Thypus, wth!
Dan Imin besar juga sakit. The same disease HAHA what a joke.
So we don't do anything else selain bobo dan bobo.

But It's very okay, as long as I know God is still in control of my life.
I always thank God for whatever He has done in my life, Tuhan Yesus yang udah bring me out dari hidup yang kurang baik, and turn my life upside down sampai gue bisa jadi gue yang sekarang.
I am totally feeling grateful, seriously, for everything.

And of course, here today, I want to simply thankyou all for your very kind wishes yang nyampein dari mana aja. Socmed, Chat, Email.. I really really thankyou.

And also, thanks for always supporting both my blog and my shops sampai hari ini. I love you..! God bless you all..! ^^

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