January with Daisy Coral Gel Nails by Coco Nail House

8:27 PM

Hi there..!
2015 first beauty post is here..!
Just realize that I haven't post anything beauty related in 2015, so here we go.

Showing you today is my very very well done gel nails sponsored by Coco Nail House.
Check more about Coco Nail House, here.
I got no particular theme for nails, so as usual. They picked a design for me. Thanks to the girlboss..! :D

And apparently I was too obvious showing my love for YSL Rouge Pur Couture 52 in Rosy Coral so much on my Instagram that they notice it hahaha... *facepalm*
So as you guess.. Nails are using a YSL RPC 52 Rosy Coral lookalike gel polish colour :D

Coral theme with Daisy flowers <3
Like it? Of course I LOVE it..!!
I am so so so into coral colour these days.
And yet it's hard to move on from the Cheon Song Yi's trend (and of course Do Min Joon, his alien husband) I guess. Kekeke..

Neon-y coral colour can always brighten up my skintone instantly. And it does works for nails as well.

Picture tells it all, yes? :)

Many many thanks to Coco Nail House for the monthly nails (yes, it's monthly. Since I am using Gel nails that always last a month on my nails without crack or chips -- More about gel nails, HERE).

Recliner are damn comfy that make my hair look super messy :D
And for a bonus, I will show you my toes haha..

Using regular nail polish that last about 2-3 weeks. Very damn nice glitter polish on my not-so-cute toes :D

Very very nice glitters!

Well, for the best quality and nail service, all of you my dear readers are welcome to visit their nail house here:

Apartemen City Home, Miami Tower R2.
Mall of Indonesia - Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara.

Don't forget to make an appointment before visiting via phone calls at 021-97471188, or BBM 329EB540

For more nails update, follow their Instagram & Twitter both @CocoNailHouse
Facebook : Coco Nail House

And of course, wishing you all a great day ahead, and if you have your nails done there, tag me! ;)
See you on my next post. Bye~

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  1. Waaaaaa... yang kaki lucu bangettt... yang tangan so colorful... beautiful....

    Btw, aku baru aja ganti rumah dan alamat blog,
    kindly enough to follow me di my new page?
    Thanks dear...
    Happy New yearrrrr ya...
    All the best for 2015.