Review: EM Cosmetics - Matte Lipstick in Cuddling

12:16 AM

Hi there..! 
One month hiatus because I just broke my (very old darling) laptop and lost all my offline draft and photos and that was sad, yes I know.

And good thing is, I am now here for a lipstick review. Yay!

It's from Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan, as you can tell from the title.
EMcos Lip Gallery Lipstick has 3 category and they are:
- Matte, matte texture lipstick.
- Classic, creamy texture lipstick.
- Sheer, very sheer tint lipstick with a glossy texture.

And to review today is one from the matte series in shade "Cuddling".
Enw I like how they name theirs lipstick shade. Not a regular name like pink, red pink, and blah but unique one like: bachelorette, cuddling, it's complicated, don't tell mom (sounds very cute and I can imagine like a girl on her teenage age haha) and so on.

Talking about EM, i'm pretty sure that I've mentioned before about how I love this brand so freakin' much.

And when I received this lipstick as my birthday gift from Lumiere, I was like "whad..! imma try it now" haha..!

Comes with a simple yet beautiful packaging, just like their other products, Cuddling is a very natural pink colour that suite for my everyday look, with or without full makeup.

Although this is a matte lipstick, it doesn't dried my lips at all..!
It has a very vibrant colour that make my skintone looks brighter.

Starting with a healthy lip.
Here is my bare lips without any balm.
To keep the matte lipstick look really matte, never top them on a lipbalm.
Otherwise, just exfoliate your lips with toothbrush, lipscrub, sugar or whatever you like. So that the dead skin cell removed well and your lipstick will look nice.

One swipe on my lower lips.

Pretty pretty pink indeed..!

As this is a matte lipstick, it doesn't reflect any light inside or outside the room.
Yet it feels nice and doesn't dried my lips on the time I apply it on my lips.
It has no scent, which is best for me.

And it has a very long lasting power (up to 6hours).

But I will recommend a touch up (or best to re-apply) after eating or heavy drinking because:
1. The colour might fade in some areas.
2. Some left over oil or other ingredients from food will be mixed up with the lipstick when doing a touch up. And transferred to your lipstick bullet. *ew!
3. Although the colours are still there, It feels a little bit (jut a little bit) dry after 3hours straight.
But all in all, this is my daily favourite lipstick despite the poin number 3 because all I need to 'maintain' is just simply retouch (or re-apply if I am having my meal before).

So.. Thanks to Lumiere Corner who introduced me to this lipstick.
And also you guys for reading. Talk to you on my next post! bye~ 

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