Review for Shizengokochi Facial Soap Bar

10:05 AM

Hi y'all..!
It's been a while since me trying out this little soap bar.
Well, I often saw this little thing di drug store seperti Watson dan Guardian, tapi gue ga pernah beli.
Till one day gue dapat kiriman dari Kawaii Beauty Japan, yang isinya facial soap bar dari Shizengokochi ini, and yes it looks interesting to me.

So first, lemme show you the look of this soap bar.

Shizengokochi - Green Tea Facial Soap Bar
Comes in a box with a translation behind, so you wouldn't confused about the products detail and how to use.

Shizengokochi - Green Tea Facial Soap Bar
Selain soap bar ini sendiri, di dalam box juga terdapat foaming net yang nantinya akan digunakan untuk membuat busa.

Soap Bar and Foaming Net
Soap bar nya sendiri cukup simpel dengan tulisan jepang yang terukir, dan dibelakangnya terdapat logo Cow Brand.
Simple and clean. Not my type of product but not bad either! :)

Shizengokochi - Green Tea Facial Soap Bar (Front Look)

Shizengokochi - Green Tea Facial Soap Bar (Back Look)
Cara menggunakan facial soap bar ini juga cukup simple, dan unik.

First, masukkan soap bar kedalam foaming net.
Basahi soap bar dan gosok2 dengan kedua telapak tangan sampai keluar busa / foam,

Shizengokochi Green Tea Facial Soap Bar
ambil busa dan aplikasikan ke wajah yang sudah dibasahi, lalu gosok-gosok lembut ke wajah dengan gerakan memijat dan memutar sampai wajah terasa bersih, dan bilas.

Foam from soap bar
Well, based on my own experience, gue sebetulnya suka dengan facial soap bar seperti ini karena lebih natural dan less chemical, apalagi Shizengokochi soap bar ini cukup praktis karena comes with foaming net, sehingga tidak perlu membeli foaming net secara terpisah.

The foam created with foaming net is not as thick as what I expected, but good enough to cleanse the face, and yet the green tea scent is soft and natural enough, which is good because I personally don't like the kind of overwhelming scent.

But unfortunately, this facial soap bar doesn't suit me!
I've been using this facial soap bar for 1 week (7 days) straight every morning and night, and the result is it dries out my skin so bad..!

My cheek area begin to itch, dry, turning red, and sensitive everytime I use it. Well.. Bad bad result :'(

But then I tried this product on my hubby's face and it works quite nice on him..!
No special result but also not that bad on him.

So then I realize, this facial soap bar is not for my skin type, which is combination of a little bit oily on T-zone and dry on other parts.
And suitable for oily skin type like my hubby's because it cleanse off the sebum very well.

Well, all in all.. For you who have an oily skin type, why don't give a try?
But for you who have a quite dry or maybe sensitive skin type, I don't think this soap bar will suite you.
You can simply get this soap bar from drugstore and supermarket with the range price from idr.65k depending on where you bought.

Thanks to Kawai Beauty Japan and Cow Brand for sending me this, and thanks to you too for visiting me here.
If any of you have tried this soap bar out and have another experience, please let me and others know by comment below so that everyone can see ;)

Till my next post then..! Bye-bye..

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  1. lumayang harganya untuk soap bar :P.

    btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,
    daku Lg Ngadain Giveaway lho . .
    Makasih :)