Sweet Delight..! Mika Ninagawa for Shu Uemura 2014 Spring Collection

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Another new from Shu Uemura!
So, If you guys notice, setiap tahun, Shu Uemura selalu merilis product limited edition dengan bekerjasama dengan para seniman, dan tahun ini, Shu Uemura bekerja sama dengan Mika Ninagawa, photographer Jepang (more about her, check here) merilis koleksi makeup terbaru hasil kolaborasi mereka, Mika for Shu dengan tema Beauty Wonderland. Sounds nice huh..?

dan dalam rangka memperkenalkan koleksi limited edition dari seri Mika for Shu, sekaligus celebrating Shu Uemura Seibu Grand Indonesia counter re-opening, Shu Uemura Indo mengadakan event makeup demo pada Sabtu lalu.

Shu Uemura Make Up Event
So the crowd was on Shu..! Acara diadakan di counter Shu Uemura di Seibu Department Store dan dimulai dengan perkenalan dan penjelasan mengenai limited edition make up series mereka, Mika for Shu oleh team Shu Uemura.

Ms. Dea and Ms. Luna from Shu Uemura
And continue to a dance show yang bernama Kimono Dance.

Kimono Dance at Shu Uemura
Lalu puncak acaranya yaitu Make Up Demo menggunakan produk dari seri limited edition Mika for Shu.

MUA and models from Shu Uemura make up demo using Mika for Shu
Tema make up demo-nya sendiri juga still in the Beauty Wonderland theme, dan dua look yang ditampilkan adalah :
- Sweet Candy, yang memilih warna cerah dari flora and fauna seperti bright pink dan green.
- serta Forbidden Fruit dengan pilihan warna yang lebih 'dewasa' dengan menggunakan pilihan warna red, blue, choco dan tetap menampilkan sisi bright dengan menggunakan blush orange.

Sweet Candy

Forbidden Fruit
Untuk make up mata menggunakan eyeshadow Spiro dari seri Mika for Shu.
Sweet Candy menggunakan Eyeshadow Spiro Orange/ Purple, Forbidden Candy menggunakan Eyeshadow Spiro Beige / Brown.

Eyeshadow Spiro from Mika for Shu
Serta bibir dan pipi, menggunakan produk Tint in Gelato Lip and Cheek colour.

Tint in Gelato Lip and Cheek Colour from Mika for Shu Limited Edition series.

Mix and mix the colour choices!

After make up demo, us bloggers dan para tamu undangan VIP lain juga berkesempatan mencoba produk dari Mika for Shu. Okay I am so so so excited..! :D

Other Products from Mika for Shu series
Since I am so into blush and lip products these days, gue tentunya langsung nyobain Tint in Gelato Lip and Cheek Colour! I am eye-ing this liquid stick things since I first arrive there anyway ehehhee..

Tint in Gelato Lip and Cheek Colour - Swatches
Shu Uemura Indonesia carry 12 colours from this products and here is 10 colours swatches berhubung 2 of them yaitu AT 03 and PK 01 is missing from the tester rack.

Dan gue soooo sooo sooo into AT 02, PK 02 and PK 03..! No reason needed. Just LOVE..!

And of course one selfie is never enough!

my first impression using Tint in Gelato ini adalah.. SUKAAA..!! I thought this is kind of sticky lip colour yang bisa di multi-use sebagai blush on. And at first gue sempet worry kalo formulanya susah di blend di pipi dengan jari, dan juga kerasa lengket. But okay as you can see..

It is amazingly MATTE..! Haha.. And I was like "Holy-Cow..! Can I just own all the colour or at least half... okay, three of them please..?".

Well.. For you ladies, try this. Believe me. Just go try this out.

This is definitely a 'must-have' makeup at least one. Since it is multi-tasking, and user-damn-friendly even if you are a beginner in make up.
No skill needed. Just finger.

See how AT 01 works freakin' nice on Beatrix of BLAP..!
Okay enough said.

But before I end this post, gue mau kasi kabar baik buat you, you and you my dear reader yang olwezzz waiting for my updates. I am so so so touched whenever you guys text me through social media and asking for more post or more review or just mentioning me things to review and maybe just doing a consultation and asking my helps. I am so so so touched because you guys have been trusting me. Thank you!

I will be helping you guys for buying this products! YESS beneran. Terutama buat kalian reader gue yang stay diluar Jakarta and a little bit hard to find Shu Uemura's counter. You can just simply LINE me at "Wennydewanty" and tell me, which shade you want, give me your full detail and transfer me the full payment for the products (IDR. 350rb untuk Tint in Gelato) and shipping fee (Check it HERE, pengiriman dari kota JAKARTA).

I DO NOT CHARGE any rupiah for this. No packing fee whatsoever I will just pack it for you and drop it to the nearest JNE office. Just to show you how much I thank you (all) for supporting me and my blog and simply hope you guys can also enjoy this great products! :)

Keep update with Shu Uemura on their Facebook Fanpage HERE, and do follow their Twitter and Instagram both @ShuUemuraID

Say hi to Ms. Dea nya Shu Uemura! :D

So, yeah! That's all for today's post. Thanks buat yang udah selalu mampir. Comment below if you got things to tell me or maybe question to ask..!

Using Shobi Decorative Lash in #1 Play Girl - Always love how Japan lash always look glamour in a girly way!
And the rest is of course ..... #Selfie!

And another #Selfie with Silly Face! hihi...
Well.. See you all on my other post..! Have a nice day..! :)

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  3. woow... thanks for reviewing Sakura Creme ^^ wanna buy it asap..
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