Review for Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow in #33 - Ivy Envy

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Hi Everyone!
Another makeup review to post on this election (holi)day!

So, it is Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow in #33 - Ivy Envy.
A single eyeshadow with satin finish result.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow
SATIN Series - Ivy Envy #33
Estee Lauder's products always packed with a classy design, and so does this items.
Although it's just a small single eyeshadow, it packed with a classy gold design and there's also mirror and sponge applicator included.

#33 - Ivy Envy
Comes with mirror and sponge applicator
Although there's a sponge applicator included, but I personally don't think that I will use it because it is way too small compared to my giant fingers lol..!

But it's still nice to have mirror and applicator inside rather than no, just in case there's some emergency situation where I might not bringing any brushes and tools, I can still apply it on haha.. Always prepare for the worse.

So, nice and good looking package, but how about the formula?

Colour Swatch - Ivy Envy #33

The satin finish and the pigment are beyond great!
Since this is my first try on their eyeshadow, I am quite impressed.

Only using Pure Color EyeShadow in Ivy Envy
This eyeshadow is very easy to apply, with the smooth texture that glide easily on my eyelid and the colour itself are very pigmented. No fallout, no dust, and have a very good lasting power.
I wore it for about 4 hours with a primer and it doesn't crease or fade.

Satin finish result
To create this eye look, I use only one colour (#33 - Ivy Envy).
Start with apply some in the center of the eye, and blend it out to create a gradation for a natural effect.

Ivy Envy is a kind of misty green colour and this colour works well for my asian skintone and make my face look brighter as well.
The satin effect are suitable for both casual and formal look.

Eyes opened
I love to use single eyeshadow for my daily casual look because it is kinda time-saving.
If you want to try this eye look, please make sure to blend everything well to avoid blocking colour that might look unnatural.

However, there's only several colours available here in Indonesia.

This product can be purchased at Estee Lauder's counter here in Indonesia for Idr.270k each.

And that's all for today's review, thanks to Estee Lauder Indonesia and you my dearest reader for playing around. Will see you on my next post. Byebye! :D

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  1. That looks great on you..its definitely has beautiful shade..