Free Manicure at COCO Nail House - MOI. No minimal purchase! It's totally FREE

12:26 AM

Hai hai everyone!
So, just a short post today to share you guys about this free treatment at COCO Nail House, Mall of Indonesia - Kelapa Gading.

COCO Nail House

And if you guys notice, I am a fan of this nail house! haha..
This post is not a request whatsoever.
Just me wanted to share this great news buat kalian semua so that you guys know why I am so into this Coco nail thing haha!

And yes seperti yang uda gue bilang, it is totally FREE with NO PURCHASE NEEDED..!
Dalam rangka celebrate ulang tahun owner, Coco Nail is giving free manicure treatment to ALL of us, yes and all we need to do is just :

1. Follow their instagram account --> @CocoNailHouse

2. Regram this picture below.
Bisa langsung screenshot dari IG Coco Nail House, my own IG @Wholovesvanilla, or copy this pic below.

3. Claim free manicure kamu ke therapist disana dengan menunjukkan foto yang sudah di regram.

4. And last, post foto hasil treatment kamu di sana (either selfie or minta tolong difotoin orang. You choose) and don't forget to mention @CocoNailHouse.

Well.. That easy huh?

And for a preview about COCO Nail House, langsung aja check my post beberapa bulan lalu disini.

and here's some of my nails done by Coco Nail House!

Latest Nail Trends..! 3D Gel Nails by Coco Nail House

My super favourite nails which I am still wearing sampai hari ini haha..
3D Embossed nails with knitted sweater pattern..!

There's also Chanel bags pattern, and many more..
And this 3D nails lagi happening banget banget banget di LA, Hongkong, Singapore and Taiwan.
Everyone is alllllll abouttttt 3D Gel Nails there. Selain karena unik, 3D effectnya juga long lasting banget!
It last up to 40 days tanpa somplak ataupun terkopek-kopek.

Pastel Gel Nails by Coco Nail House

Christmas Theme Gel Nails by Coco Nail House

Flowery Gel Nails by Coco Nail House
So that's all for today's free treatment news, don't forget to mark your day and follow terus IG mereka karena sering ada promo dadakan seperti discount pemilu, free treatment on Monday, and many more lah! :D

Visit Coco Nail House here:
Apartemen City Home, Miami Tower R2.
Mall of Indonesia - Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara.
Rsvp by phone : 021-97471188
BBM : 329EB540

Well, see you and have a nice nails..! :D

Follow my Twitter and Instagram both @wholovesvanilla for more updates. 

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  1. 3D nails nya bagus banget say :)
    kayak corak sweater yaahh

    Nice post :)


  2. 3D nails nya baguss *Q*
    kalo aku yg pake bisa2 dlm seminggu udah rusak XDD wkwk

  3. duhh cantik cantik banget kukunyaa ;)

  4. Waw, bs dpt kuku cantik unik dgn free.. Keren tuh promonya.. Sayangnya jauh dr tmpt ku.. Wkwk