Natural Glow Makeup for IBB March 2014 MUC

8:03 AM

Hellow everyone! As you see, I am joining a makeup competition held by Indonesian Beauty Blogger and sponsored by Menard..!
And then you went "Another Menard-related post?" maybe? Haha..
Well, okay.. It's obviously because I am freakin' in love with Menard products and I guess everyone who followed my social media's account (FB, Twitter and IG) know it well because I keep updating how much I love their Tsukika range, yes?


And this MUC is kinda special because it's for celebrating IBB's birthday!Yay..
No wonder the prizes is super awesome huh?

Yet I am quite challanged to the theme of this MUC called Natural Glow.
For me, it is kinda tricky one because it might looks easy to create but also difficult in the same time.

And here is my submission.

Before - After
So, you get shocked to see my horrible bare face? Well.. Me too :D
I own a very huge nose huahua.. and you surely can spot every imperfections on my face that I don't need to mention one-by-one, including my super bald brow, yes?

"No Makeup" Makeup
I am creating a "No Makeup" makeup look which is really natural and focusing on the healthy glow and clean look.

To achieve this look, I focused on conceal technique and make sure that every dark spot, panda eyes and uneven skin tone are covered using colour wheel concealer palette.

For my redness around my nose, I conceal it with green concealer before layer it with beige concealer, and for my panda eyes and dark spot, I conceal it with purple concealer and layer it with beige concealer.

I avoid contouring powder because I am creating a very natural look.
But without contouring, my face would look very flat.
So instead of contouring powder, I use creamy dark concealer for contouring before I apply my BB Cream and apply liquid highlighter after the BB Cream.

And to complete my natural look, I am not using any eye liner and just put on mascara on my curled lash and using powder base product to fill my brow and correct the shape with concealer.

For my lips, to keep it soft, I apply concealer to soften my bare lip colour and apply tinted balm and top with a little bit of soft pink lip gloss.

And for my face itself, I apply purple liquid blush as a base for my peachy pink powder blush to create a natural blush (That I obviously didn't own).

Note: I am using purple liquid blush as base to build the peachy-pink colour so that I don't need to apply too much powder blush and keep the colour soft and natural.

And for the finishing touch, I apply transclucent powder to set everything on place.

TIP: Concealer is the most important thing to create this very clean and natural makeup, but the key to achieve a perfect makeup is of course a healthy skin!

So, don't forget to take a good care of your skin by drinking plenty of water, eat healthy food, sleep for at least 8 hours every night, and the most important is, make sure to double cleanse your face every night before sleep.

And that's all for my whole "No Makeup" makeup look for this Natural Glow makeup theme.
Wish me luck and have a good day eveyone! Byebyeee... ;)

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  1. Bagus banget ce,really2 natural and glow
    Feature muka aku rada2 mirip kayaknya,alisku juga tipis +idungku gede :'
    Tapi keren banget cee,bagus
    Good luck ya ;;) ^^

    1. Makasiii sayyy hihi..
      iya ga ngerti ini idung kenapa mekarnya gitu amet.
      Sejak hamil mekar. sampe sekarang begitu terus. Boros shading jadinya wkwkwkwk..

  2. Whoaaa bener2 keliatan no makeup :)

    1. Makaasiiii :D :D :D
      Ini raden ayu yang kita ketemu di LOVE bukan ya? *Maap kalo salah.. Mirip cyinnn*

  3. omgggg love your makeup look!! seneng liatnya soalnya gak pake apps bikin glowing xD good luck!

    1. eyaampun dipuji ratu Kpop hihihi.. Makasii huaha..

      enw apps bikin glowing 360 gitu mksdnya? Haram itu bagi tukang dandan kekekeke...

  4. iiiii ini bagus banget banget bangeeettt!!! aku setuju banget sama konsep natural glow yang kaya giniii *0* too bad aku kl pake concealer masi suka gagal lama2 jd "ah sudahlah ga usah di conceal" *pasrah* ini bener2 bagus dan looks like a flawless no makeup face! dan eyebrows nya kereen!! huhuhu iri pengen bs bikin kayagtu juga T__T - Sherry

    1. Oalaahh makasiiiiii ampun sampe mesem2 sendiri baca komennya :D

      Sering latihannn... ntr lama2 juga tau lekuk muka sendiri hihi..
      Thanks for the very sweet comment yaaa hehehee...

  5. Cici cantik bangeeetttt. Awet muda sekali hihihi

  6. wahhh keren sekalii eyebrownaa...di korea kayaknya lg musim bikin eyebrow begitu dehh secara temen korea alisnya sama bikinnya donk cicii :*