Review : EM The Great Cover Up - Concealer in #Light Neutral / Cool

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Hi everyone..!

EM Cosmetics has become one of my favourite brand for make up products, as you guys know, I've own and so in love with my Beach Life Palette (Check the review HERE), and Chiaroscuro and if you are my Instagram followers, you might know that I also own another Life Palette (which I've made a teaser video for the pigment and swatch there) and their famous The Great Cover Up concealer which I'm going to review today!

So.. I have no idea why I am so into concealer these days. After getting this, I actually purchase another concealer from coastal scents and looking forward to get the MUFE's camouflage palette too.

I don't think I have a big scar to cover or any imperfection. Uhm, not going to say that I am perfect enough (oh gosh just way too far from that) but well I think, my imperfection are still tolerateable just like dark circles, redness, and well that's it that need to be covered by concealer.

But I love to use concealer as a highlighter, contour, correcting eye brow and lip shape, eyeshadow base and such.
That is why I can get enough on concealer.

As for this item, I am hoping for a great coverage (as what they name it) especially for my under eyes because I desperately own a quite huge dark circles.

Well let's start from the packaging, shall we?

This concealer comes in a quite tiny tube and contains 9ml of products inside.
For the tube package, I surely love. It's hygienic and easy to apply with a angled applicator although I will never apply it right away from the tube. I always prefer a brush.
But for the size itself, it is actually quite small and even smaller than my YSL lip serum :(

How about the formula?

EM The Great Cover Up featuring Beauty Goods Mixing Palette in travel size
 As it was a so called high coverage concealer, I thought the formula will be some kind of thick and sticky like cream concealer, but I'm wrong..
As you can see, from the swatch on my @BeautyGoodsID (Instagram only) Mixing Palette, it is obviously an oil base makeup. But the texture itself are kind of watery (or maybe I should say thin?) instead of sticky and greasy and make the application way more easiear then other concealer I've ever used.
and also, a little goes a long way! I only need that much to cover like whole face (under eyes, redness and correcting brow shape)!

So.. does it really have a great coverage?

 I would definitely say yes! It cover up my dark circles and the colour I pick are surprisingly match my skin tone well.
In this pic, I didn't put on any face base. Just the concealer.

And I also put on some on my scar and see if it could conceal them well and here is what it look like.

Well.. The scar is slightly dissapear..! :D

and also did another coverage testing using eye pencil. Freaking amazing coverage as you can see on the picture above.
I write a word 'EM' with my eye pencil and try to cover it up with the concealer, and after blending, it looks smooth like nothing was there!
But well, I do believe that people who searched for a concealer review are mostly people that have a scar or any other concealing problems. So, here by.. I request my hubby for letting me to put some on his (pimpled) forehead to see whether this product can cover them up, or not.. and here it is..

And see? it doesn't only conceals but also like fill in the lines without being dry as well.
Thank you Mr. Hubby for being so generous. I know you are definitely NOT enjoying this lol.. 
Overall, this product have a Great Cover Up, like what Michelle Phan name it..!
Although it is a little bit pricey for 9ml products from a new brand, this concealer really did a great job on the concealing power, and I also wear it for 5 hours straight and it doesn't crease and the lasting power are great as well, and of course no breakout!

Since it has a quite thin or watery liquid form, I never use it alone for a hard makeup like party or other serious occasion makeup. I always use this product as a 'base' before I apply those kind of thick cream concealer to prevent any crease.

So that's all for today's EM Cosmetics review, I've posted a review for their Beach Life Palette before and you can read it here, and also a review for their famous Chiaroscuro shading and highlighter stick here, and about to up a review for their Party Life Palette soon, which you can take a look for their teaser video on my Instagram account @wholovesvanilla.

And as usual, special thanks to Lumiere Corner Jakarta, my numero uno trusted online shop who bring me the EM Cosmetics!
If any of you are interested to get your, don't hesitate to contact them. They can be reached here:

Instagram : @Lumiere_Corner
Line : @Lumiere_Corner
Whatsapp : 08813359839

Last but not least, thanks for visiting and don't forget to drop me your comment if there's a question, suggestion, opinion or maybe just a hi :D
I will happily reply them all once I'm back later.
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Have a good day everyone! :)

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  1. aahhh cool bgd concealernya..
    sayang mahal .. hiks

    1. iyaahh sayang harganya mahal yah.. next time kalo ada sale jangan lupa diangkut :D

  2. nih concealer udah gw order kemaren , tapi gak di include sama em nya.... grrrr....

    Love, Leonita

    1. iyaa pas black friday banyak yang kena cancelan katanya.. kalo lagi ada sale, jgn bulk order gt le bisa di cancel katanya

  3. Gilaaa, keren banget covernya. Harganya juga gilaaa hahaha
    Nice review dear ^_^

    1. Haha iyaaa untuk ukuran segitu harganya bikin nangis..
      tapi emang covernya jempol.. thanks enw :D

  4. pengen coba ini, sayang aku gak order waktu sale kemarin :)

    1. don't worry mereka sering sale kayaknya hihi.. Next time! :D

  5. ini warnanya keputihan ya di dahi cc ? :o atau nanti warnanya nyatu sama warna kulit ?

    1. itu dahi suamiku say huahua.. karena dahi dia jerawatan jadi aku coba cover pake ini hihi.. di dia keputihan iya karena dia lebi item sedikit dari aku. kalo di aku shade nya pas hehehe

  6. woww coveragenya keren XD
    beli dmn dear? :)

    1. iyahhh :D

      Di lumiere corner.. coba cek ke mereka hehe... ada contactnya diatas

  7. OMG, I've been keeping my eyes to these EM Cosmetics products since I adore Michelle Phan so much! But, I hesitated because the products are a bit pricey and it's hard to find.

    However, does the concealer work that good? If yes, I think I'm going to buy it.
    Thanks for such a great review! x))


    1. oh yes and I am pretty sure that this one works better than their concealer palette (forgot the name. the one that you can mix it up like shade play lipstick) your welcome dear.. thanks for visiting ^^

  8. Eh gila bagus banget weeennnn!!!!! Haaaah racun banget nih, duit udah abis belanja luxola kemareeen T____T

    1. lolll tenang beee di em masi belum discontinueee.... masukin ke daftar angkutan berikutnya be :p

  9. WUAAA dahsyat banget coveragenyaaa!!!!