Review : Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Foundation

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Holla there..!
Two months ago, I was invited by Etude House ke acara launchingnya Precious Mineral Any Cushion, yang juga bertepatan dengan ulang tahun ke 5 Etude House Indonesia, di Ratatouille bar and bistro.
So here am I today, reviewing the product that I get from the event.

First of all,
What is Precious Mineral Any Cushion?
Well this is a foundation. (Yes, a foundation) that comes in a cushion type.
Many people mistaken this as a BB cream but again, this is not.

Comes in a handy box with the signature Etude House pink colour.
The direction are written in Indonesian language, and the ingredients are written in English.

Always come in princessy colour. Which I love very much hehe..

So, what is the different with another liquid foundation?
For sure, konsepnya berbeda banget yah dengan foundation biasa yang harus dituang/di pump dan diaplikasikan dengan brush/sponge or jari.

Dengan mengutamakan sistem 'compact' Etude House Any Cushion Foundation comes in a compact packaging yang udah terbilang lengkap.
There's a mirror, puff and the foundation cushion itself.

Dan untuk penggunaannya sendiri juga cukup unik dan berbeda dengan foundation pada umumnya.
Yaitu cukup tekan puff ke bantalan (cushion), and the foundation will come out.

Untuk puff nya sendiri juga berbeda dengan puff bedak lainnya.
Puff untuk Any Cushion Foundation ini ialah puff khusus dengan pori-pori yang lebih kecil dan tidak menyerap produk. So don't worry there's no wastage. Seberapa banyak foundation yang keluar, seberapa banyak itu pula lah yang akan dipakai.

 Interested huh? Now let's see how it works on me :)

Me and the bare face problems
As usual, On my product review, I will always show you my total bare face. Here is one, with extra detail so you guys can see whether it works on me well or not.

Spot The Different?

Full face with ONLY Etude House Any Cushion
As you guys can see, This product make a kind-of-huge coverage on me haha..
Actually this is not my shade, but since this product already inside my hampers, let's just bring home anyway.

I myself bukan pemilik wajah dengan banyak spot yang mesti di cover *Thankyou God*, so basically I don't really use concealer for my daily makeup routine. And if I did use one, it must be for an eye shadow base,
or ehm.. it must be James (My 4 months old little son) wake me up all night long and sponsored me a really bad panda eyes. Well, it never happen btw, and I wish it won't happen hahaha..

But since this is not my right shade, it end up looks a little too pale on me and left me a yellowish tone.
But with a touch of blush, eyebrow and finishing sana sini, it turns out nice anyway haha..

Actually the fomula itself kurang cocok disebut sebagai foundation buat orang Indonesia (in my opinion), but since this is a korean product, yang notabene more like simple-natural beauty, this is great enough terutama di sisi coverage and lasting power.

Up till today, I did use this product for my weekend makeup, because for daily makeup, I found out it's a little bit heavy for me, but also too light to be used as a night or party makeup.
 For me, it is more like improved formula of BB Cream.

Well, this product also claims to have 6-in-1 multifunction :
- Sun Protection,
- Moisturizing
- Whitening
- Correcting Skin tone
- Oil control
- Flawless finish

Which I say yes to all the claims, kecuali poin number 3 (Whitening).
It contains SPF 50+, it does moisture my skin and give me a cooling sensation, it does correct my skin tone and covered my dark spot,have a great oil control and also give me a flawless finish.
But for poin number 3, so sorry gue belum berhasil prove it.

And another reason why I love cushion type product is the compact size.
Even it is not as compact as two way cake or any other compact powder, it's still compact enough for me because I don't need to bring any brushes nor sponge!

Overall, if you are a light foundation lover (Who needs a great cover but not too heavy), this is a must-have product anyway. I bet this product will suite you well.
It really save a lot of time and also suitable for those newbie in makeup because all you need to do is just dab dab dab and voila, flawless face! :)

Now, interested to get one?
Make sure you grab yours at Etude House counter.
It cost around Rp.420.000,- (lebih kurang) each, but now there's a promo for Etude House Pink member!
Only cost you Rp.218.000,- each! Woot! The cheapest cushion foundation so far.
There's 2 shades available.
- Honey Beige (which I use in this review)
- Light Beige (Which I believe this is my right shade).

Last but not least,
Thank you guys for reading, if there's any question, opinion or whatever else, langsung aja drop di comment box below. I'll happily reply you when I'm back later.

Just me and Etude House Any Cushion

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See you and Good Luck! :)

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  1. have you ever try the laneige product? what do you think of it
    which one is better laneige or etude?