Make Up For Ever Year End Sale!

8:51 AM

I am freaking in love with almost EVERY single MUFE's products!

And when they updated a news about their year end sale, I was like rushing there as soon as I can! :D

So here am I, showing you all my picks!

Well let's start from my long-time wishlist, shall we? :D

1. Aqua Cream - Sale Price : Idr. 150k each.
The Aqua Cream is an ultra-pigmented, long-lasting waterproof cream. Highly concentrated in mother-of-pearl pigments, it provides an immediate color intensity with a luminous finish

I have been wanting this for so long ever since my first time knowing this brand..!
But simply because I have a lotttttttttt of things to buy at MUFE, this items was just sitting nicely in my wishlist. Thanks to MUFE's year end sale so that I can bring home this babies!

So, what shade did I pick?

#24 - Yellow
I have been wanting this yellow for soo soo sooooo long!
I really love bright yellow colour especially for eye products! I own almost every type of yellow colours eye product such like eye pencil, shadow powder, etc and finally I can have this one hee hee..
I use this as a cream shadow and eyeliner.

#9 - Coral.
This is the all time favourite colour that can be used not only as an eyeshadow.
I use it as a shadow, liner, and blush. Maybe it can be used as a lip colour too, but I haven't try it.

Well, if it's not because of the 3in1 in Sudirman street, I might have chance to pick more colours! Screw you ticking time.  But again, it's okay.. I'm more than satisfied hihi..

2. Aqua Shadow - Idr. 150k each.
Aqua Shadow dresses the eyes in pearly natural or matte smoky shades, all intense and irresistible. With its large tip and creamy texture, it can be applied in a single stroke, leaving behind exactly the right amount of product. Its unprecedented texture quickly covers the eyelid; it stays perfectly in place and does not highlight skin creases. Its buildable coverage enables natural as well as sophisticated makeup results, and it is easily blended with the fingertips.

Heard about the great formula and the helpfull compact design of this product but never tried.
I actually am not a fan of jumbo-stick kind of eye shadow, but as I said before. I am a big fan of MUFE so why not try one (...oops I mean two)? Hoho..

and what shade did I pick?

#8E - Matte Green.
Kind of leaves green with a matte result. There's no shimmer nor glitter inside and it is very very very pigmented. I only need one coat for a daily simple smokey look.
I use this as a shadow and liner.

#24E - Pearly Pink.
A romantic pink colour with a pearly result. Love to use this colour on my inner corner and as a base colour for my simple eyeshadow for daily. Also can be used as a brow bone highlight.

When I was there, the colour available at their bargain box are only two of this, so I don't think any longer and just put them in my shopping basket anyway.

3. Crayon Khol - Sale Price : Idr.135k (Sorry for the wrong tag in the picture).
Especially suited to the sensitive and thin skin of the eye contour and the inside of the eyelid, the Kohl Pencil gives depth and intensity to the eyes.

This Crayon Khol is a great product (Oh gosh I wonder what product that MUFE fail on creating).
I purchased once in another colour (10K - Pearly Black Purple) like a year ago when they launched their Limited Edition Smokey Palette and I freaking love it. It can be used as a pencil liner, and can be used to create a smokey eyes in a real simple way. Just make a couple coat of line and smudge it with a rubber-sponge brush and voila..! sexy smokey eyes are there!
So when I saw this product sitting nicely inside their bargain box, I simply grab one without thinking twice.

I pick #4K - Intense Pearly Green because there's only one colour in their bargain box.
The colour look a bit like the Aqua Shadow 8E's colour with a different formula and finishing.

4. Diamond Powder - Sale Price : Idr. 135k.
The Diamond Powder combines both the pearly iridescence of the Star Powder and the brightness of Glitters.

 I often saw this product inside of make up artist's case. Wondering how good the product is.
And when I saw this inside the bargain box, I actually was like take it or not.. yes or no.. haha..
I rarely use loose shadow powder and not a big fan of glittery powder type of makeup. But after one and other reason, I decided to pick one. (yes, actually I only want one).

I decided to pick 'only' shade #13 - Rose Pastel among other colours (Yes there lots of colours inside the bargain box). The reason why I pick this colour is simply because the pastel tone are sweet :D
I love sweet colour! well actually I love all colour when it comes to makeup. And think like soft colour are the best for new experience.

And then the other things happen.
I was looking around for other regular price items and one of the beauty advisor came to me.
He was like peeking inside my shopping basket and when I look at him, he ask me "Do you want to try the limited edition items? With the same price (Sale price)". I was like "what what? Lemme see" and he went to the cashier drawer and show me the Holodiam Powder.

He told me that is a limited edition items. It is a great loose eyeshadow with a kind of hologram effect.
So when you move around, the colour will change! I was like "huh really? That good?" And didn't even think twice. *Drop it into my shopping basket*.

And the one I got is #301 - Copper.

Well although they are not the same category (Diamond Powder & Holodiam Powder), but both of them are loose glittery eyeshadow type so let's just put them into a frame hoho..

But up till today, I haven't try any of them. Will update it more once I've tried them.

And up next (also the last) is..
5. the popular HD Concealer! -Sale Price : Idr.175k

This is the item that I didn't expect to bring home lol.. Not because it is not good or something bad. Trust me it is great! But I actually am not a heavy concealer user. I have nothing that need to be covered, well I do have panda eyes, I do have pimples, and I do have the kind of uneven skin tone and sometimes maybe redness. But since all of them mostly can be covered by my foundation or BB Creams, I rarely use a concealer. And when I use it, I will just simply pick a drugstore brand such like Revlon, Max Factor, or Garnier kind of brand. I own a sephora multi-colour concealer and end up used as an eyeshadow base, shading and highlighter. I own Lust's concealer in a pot and end up used as a BB cream (Mixed with my favourite moisturizer).
But I have no idea why I'm just like grab one on the go and went to the cashier lol..
I didn't even see what colour did I pick, and when I realize that before I paid all of them, I ask the beauty advisor, what actually the shade that I pick, and when he take a look, he's like "Wow lucky you.. you got the 310 - Pink Porcelain, it's bright colour and kind of the best selling one". And just because of that simple statement, this HD Concealer are now sitting nicely in my makeup drawer and also one of my favourite concealer now hahaha..

I always use it as a concealer (of course - sometimes) for my under eye, lip shape corrector (but I still prever the MUFE pencil type concealer), eyeshadow base and also highlighter for my nose bridge and brow bone.
It is indeed a great product that actually everyone must have. I am happy to bring home one haha..

Well, that's all of my MUFE Sale's pick.
They are actually are still on sale, but not in one place.
Last time, the sale was at Kota Kasablanka, while mine was at Plaza Indonesia.
And now that Kota Kasablanka's event has ended, they moved to Surabaya - Tunjungan Plaza.

I myself not really sure whether the sale will be held at Jakarta again or not, or maybe other cities.
So, for the best, let's just follow their Instagram @Makeupforeverind and also their other social media's account such like FB Fanpage and Twitter :)

Last but not least, 
Thanks for reading and visiting my blog here.. If there's any question or opinion, make sure you drop your comment below. I will happily reply once I'm back.

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Well, See you again on my next update! :)
All of this product and brand mentioned are not sponsored. Everything written above are my honest opinion unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Nice haul! I did saw the advertisement and now I regret of not going huhuhu...


  2. So lucky! Unfortunately I missed mufe's year end sale, but I got nature republic's year end sale from my officemate. 5products only idr 50k. Crazy!!!!