Introducing COCO Nail House and their Super Long-Lasting GEL Manicure!

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Hi everyone..! Wishing you guys a very merry Christmas and the coming soon New Year 2014..! :D

Well this might be my last post for 2013.
although I still wish can do more post but urgh yes I know wenny payahhhh... haha..
Too much things to prepare during these days. And with a kid, dua kali lipat lebih sibuk I guess!
Ehm, well not really.. thanks oh God to every nannies in this world..!

Okay..! Counting days for new year and year end,
Here I am, to share you a very good things. Maybe some of you already know about Gel Manicure.
But because I am not a big fan of nail polish and manicure kinda things, I actually don't know what the heck Gel Manicure was. Harrharr...
In my life, manicure will only be :
- Potong kuku
- Bersih-bersih kutikula
- Nail Shaping (Sometimes even ngga perlu shaping. Botakin aja deh)
- Put some vitamins. and DONE..!

That's it..
Nail polish? No thanks.. I am not a fan of it.
But the nail polish is already included in the manicure service price..?
Still, nope thanks.. I don't like nail polish.
I freaking hate waiting those liquid things to dry!
and of course one move can screw everything! yes it's like EVERYTHING...!
the therapist must wipe off the nail polish and start from the begining again like putting nail base, apply first coat of the nail polish, wait until it dries, continue to the second coat, wait until it dries (again), and last.. cover it with the top coat.
And of course it is way more longer if the nails are covered with not only nail polish but also nail art!
Oh well good bye nail polish..! We better don't know each other..

 And when Coco Nail House offering me a Gel Manicure service, I was like mmm... Manicure?
But then they told me that Gel Polish are totally different with the regular nail polish.
It dries in seconds, Long lasting and such..

Since I am not a heavy worker, I don't really think about the long-lasting statement.
But dries in a seconds? Really??

And yes I decided to try one without thinking twice..! ;)

My very naked nails

My very naked nails before treatment. This is normally how my nails look like.

The basic process are just the same like usual manicure.
Nail shaping, cleaning cuticle, putting vitamins, and such..

But what makes the difference between regular nail polish and gel polish are :
- Gel nail polish REALLY dries in seconds!
while regular nail polish need to be fanned for 20-30mins , yet it still wet?! Gel nail polish only need to be rays under UV Light for seconds, and it really dries! you are free to touch the nails like here and there and do whatever you want! Playing your phone, reading, eating, scratching, or maybe... ngupil..? Whatever.. you are free to do whatever you want!

Jjann..! My berrryyy cute Christmas snowy nails using gel polish!
- Super smooth surfaces!
Well because I am a (full time) mom of one, which means I play, feed, sleep and others with my baby,
I always make sure that my nails are clean!
and when I really must put on nail polish for some reason, I would avoid glittery nail polish because the glitters might flaking and my baby might ate them!

But not with this Gel polish..!
I was quite happy when I know that the glitters are covered inside!
It means there's no glitter on the surface and there will be no flakes! It's totally safe for my baby and also safe for you ladies who loves to eat nasi padang with your hands.. Ha..!

Nothing pop on the surface
- Super long lasting!
This is totally no joke. I did my nails on 16th December and up till today (28th December), the polish are still there.. Sitting nicely like I've just walked out from the nail house Lol..!

I actually did a lot of things with my hands (for sure).
Although I am not doing any housework but I did handle Beauty Goods' stuff all by myself.
from the smallest things such like peeling those protection sticker (actually I hate this part because sometime it hurts hoho), peeling the dirt that stick on the palettes because of laser burnt, packing the customer's orders, and such!
But surprisingly, What makes the different between my nails on 16th Dec and today's nails is just the empty part. My nail grews. That's all.. The scratching and peeling thingy doesn't ruin any even just a crack..! Lol.. I am still amazed!

The nails after 1 week treatment
To anyone who invent Gel Nail Polish, thank you very much! You saved our life and time! :D
My friend asked me what did I put on my nails because it looks really smooth, tidy and long lasting (I meet her every week at church) and when I tell her these all are gel polish, she was like "meh! I also use gel polish for my nails but mine are chapped..!".

Well actually gel polish are everywhere and everyone can buy one (or more).
But gel polish can't be dried with fan. It must be rays under UV Light and if you are using the wrong light, it won't be as perfect as it could be.

So if you are interested to try on gel polish, I really recommend Coco Nail House!
They have all the materials to create a perfect gel nails! The gel nail polish are imported from US and of course, so many colour choices! I spend around 30mins just for picking colours haha...! The therapist are very helpful indeed. She help me combining this and that, and showing me the albums for references, and also everyone are super talented on drawing that I envy..!

Yet the place itself are really homey!

I am the boss yo!
See...! I willing to spend my whole day only for leyeh-leyeh while someone doing my nails here :D

Well of course nice place, great therapist, friendly owner are not enough right! Curious about the price?
Tell ya.. It is really really really affordable!

And oh.. Spotted those EM Cosmetics Life Palette above?
It is not for sale actually.. It's for FREE..!!! *Drooling like crazy*
If you haven't read about this freaking amazing palette's review, make sure you read about it here.

Coco Nail House are having a promotion only for this month!

Every purchase of Idr. 250k or more, will have a chance to take a lucky dip with a lot of prizes including the EM Cosmetics Life Palette! 
There's already a winner of the LOVE Life Palettes, are you the next lucky person?

So, can't wait any longer to have you nails done there? Visit Coco Nail House here:

Apartemen City Home, Miami Tower R2.
Mall of Indonesia - Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara.
Rsvp by phone : 021-97471188
BBM : 329EB540

and do follow their social media's account :
Instagram & Twitter both @CocoNailHouse
Facebook : Coco Nail House

Ps. They also served the best Raw Almond Milk in town! 

Last but not least, 

Thank you Coco Nail House for sponsoring (and introducing) me this ubercute gel nails!
Will surely back there for leyeh-leyeh and trying other services..!
and also, to you guys.. Thanks for reading and visiting my blog here.. If there's any question or opinion, make sure you drop your comment below. I will happily reply once I'm back.
Ps. I will keep updating my nails every Monday on my Instagram account, and full update on my blog.

So don't forget to follow my Instagram and Twitter both @Wholovesvanilla,

and also do follow my Beauty Goods Instagram account @BeautyGoodsID.

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas from me, hubby and our little santa!
Featuring Mini Oreo!

Well, See you on my next post, and once again..! Happy New Year 2014..! ^^~

Nail art are sponsored by Coco Nail House. Everything written above are my honest opinion and photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Nice Posting dear^^ nail kamu cantik banget suka drngan perpafuan warna blue nya..
    Salam kenal ^^

    1. Thankyou dear ^^~
      iyaaa aku jg sukaaaa bgt sama creationnya :D

      Salam kenal jg hehe

  2. Wah tempatnya bagus banget.. Homey dan manis gitu kesannyaa ^^

    1. ho ooohh.. tmn aku mau meni pedi kesana aja aku berencana ngekor krn tmptnya enak buat ngobrol huahua...