YSL Lotte Shopping Avenue Counter Opening

3:28 AM

Hi there! ^^

Last month bertepatan dengan weddingversay gue *eyakk promosi* YSL ngadain acara makeup demo by Gusnaldi, dalam rangka celebrating the opening of counter mereka yang di Lotte Shopping Avenue.

New Counter at LOVE
Disini kita bisa langsung ngeliat makeup demo by Gusnaldi yang pada hari itu theme makeupnya colourful smokey eyes, dan juga permainan warna bibir dengan nge-mix 2 warna dengan menggunakan glossy stain Vernis À Lèvres dari series Rouge Pur Couture.

So, as the makeup pro said, kalo untuk eyeshadow smokey itu gak cuma harus pakai warna gelap, tapi bisa juga dengan aplikasi warna cerah, dan dikarenakan eyeshadow YSL itu blendingnya gampang banget (and I couldn't agree more) jadi gak usa takut bermain warna. Just pick any colour you love and apply them, in the end, blend with blending brush and you are ready to go! :)

dan untuk bibir, he show us how he mix 2 colours of Vernis À Lèvres dengan teknik yang simple banget, tapi menarik. Dan pastinya hasilnya so nice! :D
He apply one coat of orange colour di bibir atas si model, and then apply the pink colour di bibir bawah. Lalu di mix dengan cara menempel2kan bibir atas dan bawah beberapa kali. This is so simple but interesting haha.. Gue langsung gak sabar untuk praktek :p

Gusnaldi and the Model
And done with the makeup demo, gue played around looking for something that maybe I can buy hoho..
There's a lot of tempting area but sorry ladies, forgot to capture. What a bad blogger! :(

Another tempting set

Can I own this all?

So who know Vernis À Lèvres?

A revolutionary new lip product that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain.

Coat your lips with this lip color that offers a lightweight texture, which immediately melts onto lips. Glossy Stain delivers intense glossy color for an extremely long-lasting shine.

Actually this is not a new product but tell ya, this product are one of my 'must-have' products.
I owned one in #15 Rose Vinyl and now I'm thinking of adding another colour to my collection :D

#30 Mauve Fusain
And of course di tiap event pasti ada sweet treatsnya :D
Cute cupcakes around..!

Sweet corner
So that's all for the event report,
and here is the goodies I got from YSL.

Thank you YSL :)
and a picture of me with Gusnaldi.

Semoga abis foto deket2 gini, ilmu dandan nya keciprat. *Amin!*

Last but not least, thanks to YSL Indonesia & Beauty Blogger Match Maker.
Thankyou all too for playing around..
Oh, and also thanks thankss thankss a lot for the camera suggestion. It really helps me a lot! I finally bought one!
Well if you are one of my instagram follower, you must be know then :D

If you are interested to know more about YSL Vernis À Lèvres, make sure you don't miss my post about it later! :)

A group shoot of us

And a selfie for sure!

 See you on my next post..! Babaii~ ^^

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  1. wenny kenapa dikau ngumpel di belakang tepat di sebelah Gusnaldi? Biar nyamber ya ilmunya? hahahhahaa

    1. oh salah ci.. kalo biar nyamber ilmunya, mesti poto deket2an gitu..
      tapi kalo ngumpet dibelakang, biar lemak2 kurang ajarnya ketutup *Grin*