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Hi everyone!

If you are my follower on Instagram, then you must know that I also own a Chiaroscuro (Read : Kiyaroskuro) from Michelle Phan's EM Cosmetics beside the Beach Life Palette, right?

I'm dying to try this product since the first time Michelle post an instavideo of her using this product.
When I watched it, I was just like "Seriously? Just that simple for a nose shading?!".

So here am I finally, making a review of this product for you all and of course thanks a lot to Lumiere Corner Jakarta who bring me this product :D

Magic Stick lol
Okay first, what actually is Chiaroscuro??

  • a unique, double-ended contour/light stick
  • create shadow and definition with lightweight, powder-crème side stick
  • create light and illumination with lightweight, silky-cream side stick
For you guys who doesn't follow Michelle Phan *I wonder who doesn't follow her* and maybe have no idea about her own cosmetics line and also this product, this is a shading and highlighting product that come together in a stick form.

The 'Look' of Chiaroscuro
It looks like a big dual ended lipstick, and when you are about to use the product, all you need to do is just gently apply the products and blend it well with your finger. No brushes needed..! Well kind of awesome huh?

Interested? here is the swatch on my hand.

Easily blended..! Leave you a hint of that natural dark and bright colour
And of course on my nose!

Very very simple!

This is a real 2 minutes nose-job..! And guess what.. It doesn't leave any dirt on my fingers!

What I hate about cream shading or whatever shading that need a finger to blend well is the dirt because if you don't clean the dirt soon, it might be a disaster. you know, like if you are careless and suddenly rub your finger on clothes, etc.. 
And also I never like a cream shading because of their sticky texture and sometimes (for some brands) hard to blend and end up leaving an obvious dark line that will make you look 10 years older instead of a pretty contoured face.
But not with this product..! the shading stick has a creamy-slight texture that makes the product blend easily, and very very pigmented!
Once you apply on your face, all you need is just a finger as a blender but don't worry, it won't leave any dirt on your finger! Well this is really nice and I think it works on every skin type!

But for the highlighter itself, unfortunately I don't think the formula were as good as the contouring stick.
Not to say that the highlighter are bad, no no it is good.. really. but in my opinion, the highlighter are too creamy and too much shimmering inside. Although it looks beautiful on skin but might be a little bit not suit for day time makeup, and also people with the oily skin type.

Well overall,
This product is a total L.I.F.E.S.A.V.E.R, seriously I mean it..! Time-saver, makeup-helper, confident-booster, oh whatever this is DAEBAK..! *Suddenly turn into Korean language lol*

Although the highlighter are not as good as the contouring stick, I still recommend this product. Chiaroscuro is a real great invention hahaha.. great product with the amazing formula, nice result, great consistency, but also very very lightweight. Really suitable for travelling or people who always did the makeup in a rush.

and especially for you who doesn't good at contouring (I know highlighting is important but contouring are the most important -- in my chubby face case) you might find out that this product is really amazing and user friendly and of course with a wow wow amazing result. I mean, again.. seriously? That simple for face shading, specially nose part?

For the lasting power itself, it stayed all day long with me especially the shading part. while the highlighting part is a little bit faded but still noticeable.
Note : I never use this product more than five hours.

So.. That's all for my review about Michelle Phan's Em Cosmetics Chiaroscuro.
I wish I can have another chance to try their great product. On my wishlist now are their concealer.

Thanks for reading.. If there's any question, suggestion, info, or whatever it is, just leave me a comment in the comment box below, I will happily reply it once I'm back here.
And if you have tried any of their product, don't forget to share your experience with me! ^^~

Last but not least, thanks Lumiere Corner Jakarta very bery tery mery much! *Mmuah!!

inspired by the girl who wants to pose like a model while sculpting and chiseling her best features.
key-ar-oh-scoo-roh, or the art of creating shadow and light.

Just me, Playing with camera's art filter :p
And just me, pose-ing with Chiaroscuro
See you on my next post.. Bye! :D
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  1. uwaaaa, pengen banget beli ini, btw kl dlm IDR jatuhnya brp say? thank you

    1. Kalo versi rupiah kurang tau, coba cek lsg ke tokonya say hihi..
      ato langsung via line aja jg boleh "Lumiere_Corner"

  2. mmg kece abis pas dipake elo hahahahaa.. bravo again, wen!!

  3. OMG akhirnya ada ol-shop yang jual EM Cosmetics... mupeenngg >.<

  4. What shade did you get? Kulitmu kalo MAC pake nomer berapa? Pengen bangeeeeet :<

    1. Ini yg Light Thea.. Aku gapake MAC, kalo Mufe HD pake 140.
      Grab yours hayuk ceepeeeeettt :D

  5. aaaaa racuunn sangaaat iniii >.< aq jg suka bgt nglihat tutorialny michelle enak bgt ngratainny

  6. Ahh ini salah satu produk EM incaranku! Berapaan rupiah pas kamu beli kemarin? Natural banget jadinya.. Thanks for the 'racun' review ya, hihihi~

    1. Kado IDR aku gk tau, cb cek ke Lumiere corner itu say :)
      iyah ini emg baguss.. kaga bikin idung belang sendiri :D

  7. Aaaaaaaaaakkk jadinya bagus banget! :D

  8. berapaan harganya? jd pengen beli jg

    1. Untuk harga Indo coba cek ke Lumiere nya lsg say. Kayaknya terakhir ada update harga krn perubahan kurs :D

  9. Gila gila, pengen juga nih produk. Michelle phan memang topcer.
    Nice Review Dear ^_^

  10. simple banget iniiiii >.<,depan belakang skali fungsi buat bagian hidung ga repot"di pouch juga jadi ga begitu penuh ya si em ini O.O


    1. Iyaaa kaga perlu bawa2 brush segala macem lagi. gampang bgt

  11. Replies
    1. Lumiere Corner :)
      di line aja ke mereka "Lumiere_corner"