Preview : Makarizo MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil

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Hellow hellow there..

Today I'm back with a quite different post. I am not talking about any makeup today. Nope nope..
I'm here to show you all a real great hair serum that come from Makarizo named Makarizo MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil. Interested?

MK3 Hot Ice Mineral Oil
 Well, If you notice my picture in every blogpost, or maybe in my social media pictures *especially instagram, which I update it almost everyday* you must know that my hair are coloured.
Okay tell ya it is supposed to be red but somehow I have no idea why it turns into dark brown..

Since I have ended my pregnancy and give birth to this little dude, I coloured my hair like immediately..! A.S.A.P..! :p
When James (My baby) was around 20 days old, I coloured my hair into dark brown, but somehow it turns a little bit emmmm.. uneven? I still have a black colour on the top. So because I am totally NOT satisfied with the colours, I coloured it again, yes AGAIN within a month. And then the problems begin hoho.. :p

My hair now :
- Bercabang di semua ujung, ngga cabang dua lagi tapi cabang tiga, dst.
- Kusam, okay this one is maybe because I'm not washing them with a shampoo for coloured hair. idk..
- Patah-patah.

My Very Bad Hair Condition
Cabang seribu *sigh*
So when Makarizo sent me this product, I can't wait any longer to try them!
And when I apply it on my hair, seriously it WOW-ed me..! :o

Mineral oil in a glass ampule

Actually this product is really unique. It is a mineral oil, but it must be chilled before use to achieve that perfect result.

Freeze in around 4mins
Now are you looking for more info about this product?
Make sure you stay tuned on my blog because I'm gonna update you the complete detail about this product and of course the result on my hair..! :D

Well thanks for reading, see you on my next post..! ^^~

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