REVIEW : Etude House Plumping Lip Tint in Pink

10:40 PM

I always love every kind of Lip product. >____<"
Lip-tint, Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Lipstick, Lip Colour, etc etc..

And now that I'm totally in love with Korean wave, Lipstick and the friends are currently not my things because I'm just into Lip tint like those Korean girls usually put on all the time haha..!

Description :
 Etude House Plumping Lip Tint
Colorful lip plumping tint supplies smooth moisture. Enhances lip look without injections!
Available in two natural lip colors:
1 Red
2 Pink

Vol. 0.31 fl.oz.
Pic Credit :

Etude for me is quite pricey huhu.. and because I purchase it with my own money, I only got one on shade number #2 - Pink :p
I prefer spending money for Etude's product in Korea because it's way more cheap there. Seriously haha.. :D
Ps. Dear Etude Indonesia, No offense yeah :p

Etude Plumping Lip Tint in #2 - Pink
It comes with a plastic packaging. Not cute at all but I love the size because I can easily put it in my bag if I don't bring any make-up pouch. It's quite small but not too small :D
and for the applicator itself, this product come with a slim silicone applicator that I really really loveeee it (^▽^)❤
The Silicone Applicator
Let's move on to the swatch ^^~

Can you see the colour appears slowly?
Yes.. The unique part here for me is the colour that appears slowly (but sure :p) in about 2-3mins after applied :D

Swatch on my lips~
Picture Description :
1. Bare and Chapped lips T..T
2. I use the product on my bottom lips
3. I use the product on my entire lips
4. Ehm~ :p

And yes I did love this colour because it simply suit my skintone and not so pinkish or red-ish and I can use it for my daily make up routine, yet the formula isn't like the other lip tint that quickly absorb on my lips and make my lips dry (so I need to apply or bring together another lip gloss or balm in my bag).
I can say that this product (maybe) can be called "lipgloss-tint" because it has a colour that can be seen obviously and also has a glossy look. hahaa~~
It has a kind-of cherry smell but I like it. Not annoyed at all :D 
and also when I apply it on my lips, it feels a little bit sticky but for me, it's okay because (still) I love the final result hahaha :p

Ps. I really love the glossy effect that make my lips look juicy and healthier but not too wet like I forgot to clean my mouth after eating a plate of Kwetiau goreng. *lupakanlah*

The 'narsissssss' pic of me using Etude Plumping Lip Tint in Pink ;D

Thanks for reading, don't forget to drop me some comment on what I need to do for a better next post because as you guys know, I'm a total newbie here hehehe...

All of the product mentioned before are purchased with my own money and written based on my own opinion and experience ^^~

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