REVIEW and TUTORIAL : Etude BUBBLE Hair Colour

2:21 AM

Hair Colouring..!
To be honest, i never get my hair coloured in my entire life and this is my very first experience, so if there's any weird things mentioned, please just forgive me, ampunkan kesalahanku haha! XD

Yes, it's from Etude.
I found this product when i'm just like looking around on their product. It's quite eye-catching and kinda unique for me because at that time, i'm looking around to colour my hair but i'm afraid of the pain and the chemical reaction that will happen like itch, hurt, or maybe sesak nafas. huhuhu... T_T

so when i saw this product, i think this will be my first try (because it looks like quite easy to apply) and i've told myself if this product doesn't work on me and comes out belang-belang di rambutku, i'll step into the hair salon on the same day.. i really mean it..! haha~ :p

This product got seven colour choices,

Pic Credit :
 Mine was #3 Natural Brown.

 The packaging was quite simple and nothing cute at all haha.. *ups*,
there's also simple direction on 'how-to-apply' this product but unfortunately it's written on Hangul and there's NO English translation either inside or outside of the packaging :( :(

Mine, #3 Natural Brown

The Packaging with no English translation T__T

And this is what inside the box.

- Bottle that contains water
- The colouring formula
- Plastic for shoulder protector
- Plastic hand Gloves
- Hair treatment (conditioner)
- Direction paper

First, I pour the colour formula into the bottle (that contains water), and just simply shake the bottle until it feels like there's no more space inside.

The colour changed..! ^^~

Tips : Put the mousse pump inside the hole on the box to keep it clean while pouring the colour formula into bottle.

After ready with the formula and bottle, i move to the gloves and shoulder protector.

It's quite slippery for holding phone while wearing gloves, so becarefull ladies :)

then here comes the mousse.. :D

No colour, just white :D
And apply it directly to the DRY hair.
I start mine from the front, and then upper roots, and continue with the lower part. This is the way I think I can make sure that i have spread it evently but you can apply it in your own way :D

I tie it up when I have finish the colouring process and because this is my very first hair colouring, I choose to wait for 45mins instead of 30mins (it written that the products require 30mins to absorb well)  because i'm kinda afraid the colour doesn't comes out haha.. :D

The colour began to change. I'm super excited..! :D
After 45mins, I rinse it off WITHOUT using any shampoo. I only use the silky treatment that comes together inside the package. It's smells good btw and give me the silky effect while rinsing it.

And let's see what happen then XD

*Dugeun.. Dugeun~~*

Here's my before and after picture.

Before - After

In the same day the colour didn't showed much.
But after I wash my hair on the next day, the colour really 'pops' just as same as the colour that showed on the package haha :D

The colour XD

I really LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE this hair colour nyahahaha... It's really simple for a newbie like me. And I have definitely NO COMPLAINTS for the formula itself..! :D 
 I don't feel any hurt, itchy or other bad things that people might feels while colouring their hair.
And fyi, at that time, I have some scores on the scalp (because of the wrong shampoo hiks) but surprisingly this product doesn't hurt me!!! :O

So, definitely I WILL repuchase this product for my next hair colouring project haha! and I'm quite satisfied with this colour but maybe I'll pick another colour, oh I don't know so let's see later haha :D

Anyway I hope this post will help you guys especially who wants to try a hair colour but afraid of turning broke because this product really worth to try and worth the price. It's super cheap for a brand like Etude. (Yeah, in somewhere especially Korea itself, Etude was quite cheap but still, in Indonesia it's super pricey compared to Korea. Nyehh~~ ) 

 I purchase mine from Etude House Kelapa Gading. But I'm sorry I really have no idea how much exactly the price. I just know it's cheap. Around IDR 90k and if I'm not wrong, I got extra discount with my pink member card so I just paid for about IDR 70k. Sorry my bad .___.

PS. All of the product mentioned before are totally purchased with my own money and the opinion written on are based on my own experience ^^~


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  1. long does the color lasts? thank you =))

  2. @headstr0ngwin : till' today,i'm preety sure the color does not change but the black roots of my hair had grown :S
    *well i'm 6months pregnant so just let the roots grown then huhu*

  3. hii umm is it going to make your hair dry and damage? :s please reply

    1. Noooooppeee for suree.. i really love this product and will repurchase this after my pregnancy. Huhu.. ga bikin kering, ga bikin rusak sama skali and no bad effects such like itches (during or after) or headache, etc. It's totally great and recommended for newbie like me